Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Movie Review: CC and Company

True Blue Biker Movie

I have seen several biker movies but only few really successfully depict the true spirit and quest for freedom that bikers claim. The Easy Rider of yore and the recent Wild Hogs show two extremes of the biker spirit. CC and Company goes one step ahead in this, the movie successfully shows both kinds of bikers. On one side are a gang of rowdy, and unruly bikers who chose to drift on the periphery of the society and earn a living by stealing, prostitution, and other illegal stuff. Then there is the other side where people enjoy biking as a sport and recreation.

The protagonist of the movie CC is a biker who blends the best of both these types of bikers. The movie starts off when CC and his biker friends find a beautiful woman stranded on the highway in a limo. The bikers try to force themselves on the woman and CC interferes. In the ensuing fight CC wins and the bikers flee to join the gang.

The next major event in the movie is when the bikers chance upon a dirt bike race and the gang decides to gatecrash into the event. When they see dirt bikes flying across the track, the leader decides that his gang is better than them and hit the tracks and start riding in the opposite direction of the racers. The bikers end up making fools of themselves and feeling humiliated they return to their camp. CC is interested in this racing game and he buys himself a dirt bike.

Next thing we see CC riding a race and he nearly wins. The leader of the gang is not so happy with the attention CC is getting from the rest of the gang. Now begins the tussle between the gang leader and CC. The rest of the movie is about how CC is able to get out of the gang successfully and move on... or shall we say ride on into the sun.

I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone who wants to watch a short entertaining movie with good biking action.

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